April 30 - May 9 2021

Jacks Corner Retreat,

Kangaroo Valley, NSW

Your Investment

Super Early Bird    to 15/01/2021     $2290 

Early Bird               to 19/02/2021    $2700

Full Tuition Fee     to 15/04/2021    $2990 

Young adult (18-25)                         $1800 

All tuition fees are exclusive of food and accommodation - $1750

Training Start and Finish Times

The training will commence promptly at 11 am Friday April 30, so please arrive no later than  10am to settle into your room. The training finishes at 3 pm on the last day, Sunday April 9.  Details on how to get there will given upon registration.

This event is limited to 12 participants.

'Wow - such a simple technique produces profound change on a deep level. I have been counselled for years by some wonderful therapists and had my body worked on by some incredibly skilled healers -  but none of this work came close to what I experienced on this retreat.  I finally knew and understood the patterns that were keeping me trapped. 

Phil and Suzanne created a beautiful sacred safe space allowing the group energy to unfold.  The whole weekend became a truly connected experience - a fabulous life changing retreat - worth every cent .  I think I am in danger of becoming a Breathwork addict!'    

Alison Manners

'For me, this was the most profound and amazing life changing experience. I was able to completely let go and surrender my mind. For the first time, I fully entered my body, every cell of my being was alive. Feeling totally supported by Suzanne and Phil, my spirit and body began to release old trauma which was stuck and hidden deep within my being.  

I felt safe to go deep to the core sensations: identifying, validating and letting go of what no longer served me.  In That new found space, pure love flows.  Since these Breathwork

sessions I feel more clarity, inner peace, contentment and confidenceIt’s a joy to be me.


Love flows through me, for me and all those I am blessed to have in my life.  

Chari Bruce

'Phil has a wonderful way of helping you connect with the breath and the breath to the body. Pelvic breathing was just incredible. It enabled an expression to the inexpressible within. It is difficult to describe it in words, the closest I can find is it was like being high on energy. An altered state that was more primal and paved the way for a deeper access to myself.



To join us:

  • Choose your room type, then place your registration fee below.*

  • You will be delivered a welcome email and we will contact you within 3 days to schedule your 1:1 Clarity Call with Phil.

*There are two payment options.

OPTION 1 PAYMENT PLAN: Make a $700 Deposit for 2 Pay Option. First Payment is due 30 Days after initial deposit; Second payment due 30 days after 1st payment.

OPTION 2 PAY IN FULL: You will be billed in one easy installment.

Questions? Or need to talk to us about an alternative payment plan? Please email Phil.



Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the $700 AUD deposit.  For cancellations up to 31st January, 50% of the the tuition fee will be retained by Inspired Breath.  For cancellations up to 28th February 70% of the tuition fee will be retained by Inspired Breath.  Cancellations after this date will result in total loss of tuition fees and food and accommodation costs which will be retained by Inspired Breath. Cancellations cannot be 'rolled over' to future retreat events. We reserve the right to cancel the event if it is not meeting the event minimum (if we do so your deposit and any full fee is refunded in full).  We reserve the right to determine if you are not a good fit for this event (if we do so your deposit will be refunded in full). 



Note that I will offer FULL refunds up until the date of commencement (no loss of deposit) if you cannot get to the training due to border restrictions or COVID outbreaks in your local area or the area of the retreat venue.

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