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If you’re a spiritual seeker, creator, healer, group leader or simply on your own healing journey and ready to delve deeply into yourself, then join Philip Morey, leading Australian Breathworker for a sacred journey on the wild far south coast of NSW.

Listen now.  What is this retreat about?

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Your Experience


You have, on average 30,112 days being alive.  Dedicate 10 of them to self-knowledge, healing, meditative awareness and transcendence.


Many different forms of yoga, martial arts and shamanic pathways have been concerned with the vital and profound influence of the breath on human experience.


This retreat incorporates a practitioner training in the Breath Journey, so you get a retreat for you, plus, you will have completed Module 1 of a 5 module training.  

There will be formal teaching including solid information about Breathwork, its origins and practice in the world today.  


Fee: $3200 AUD all inclusive. 

Camping option $2,800 AUD.

Register on this site or call Phil 0468 786 789.

Welcome..the magic of Gulaga has called you to Tilba, NSW south coast.
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What is possible for YOU?

By the end of this journey...

After these ten days with The Breath Journey you will have;

  • an increased receptivity to your sensuality and your own INNER attractiveness;

  • a greater willingness to open into EXPANDED states of consciousness, without needing to use mind altering substances;

  • more ENERGY and less of those SINKING feelings;

  • more connection with your physical body;

  • more availability to SUBTLE feelings and the whisperings of your heart;

  • an increased capacity to access higher states of BLISS during intimate encounters.

  • potent healing skills which are in high demand WORLDWIDE.

My Heart says YES, sign me up.

Why Tilba Tilba?

People often remark on the sheer massive presence of Gulaga (or Mt Dromedary as it used to be known).  With its astonishing granitic fingers of rock formations, and the lush Gondwanaland rainforest remnants, this mountain exudes real transformative power.  This retreat includes a whole day deeply exploring Gulaga National Park with its ancient rainforests and sacred spaces.


Our retreat centre sits just below the slopes of the Gulaga, and very close to Tibetan Buddhist centre.  

You have some free time to access beautiful wild beaches in the Mystery Bay and Bermagui coastlines.

All this only 6 hours south of Sydney or 3.5 from Canberra.

The Venue

Honeywood is a stunning venue, privately located on a working farm with an extensive garden surrounding the homestead.

It is a short drive to Central Tilba, a National Trust listed village and close to great swimming beaches. 

The beds are of a high quality and the linen is crisp.


Our Journey


Grace and Possibility




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The Practitioner Training in Breathwork

- a Body Oriented Approach

The world needs more Breathworkers to help deal with the major 'mental health' issues so prevalent in most Western societies.  Breathwork offer a powerful alternative to medicated solutions or counselling therapies.

This retreat incorporates a practitioner training in the Breath Journey, so you get a retreat for you, plus, you will have completed Module 1 of a 5 module training. 

The five modules are

Module One

The Nature and Origins of Breathwork

  • Breath, Feeling and Regression

  • Breath and Consciousness

  • Breath and the Unconscious

  • Jung & Eastern Thought

  • the Practice of a Breathwork Session

  • Styles of Breathwork (and which ones are best fit for clients)

Module Two

Non-ordinary States of Consciousness

  • Pre/peri-natal life

  • The nature of ecstatic states

  • Understanding spirits from other realms

  • Maps of consciousness

  • Understanding shock and trauma.

Module Three  November 2020

Love, Sex and Death

  • Patterns of relationship - to family, to lovers, to the world

  • Sexuality - what drives your desires

  • Your Shadow and How To Work with it with Compassion

  • Narcissism - The Denial of Feeling, The Suppression of Feeling

  • Death - models of death / re-birth in different spiritual traditions.

Module Four

  • Cellular and Organic Memory Release

  • The Organic Mind and the Archaeology of the Self

  • Personal and historic memory

  • Epigenetics & Developmental Biology - The Work of Bruce Lipton

  • Transpersonal realms and dimensionality

  • Examination of the concept of false memories

  • Bio-energetics – The Work of Alexander Lowen   

  • Spiritual Bypassing – The Work of Robert A. Masters

Module Five

Evolution & the Next Step

  • The Neuro-biological Map

  • The First Gaze Process

  • The Triune Brain Theory

  • Archetypal Psychology

  • Commencing a Breathwork Practice


The Nature and Origins of Breathwork

Why Choose Breath Journey?

Breath and the Unconscious

Is this your calling?


The Lasting Impact

Wanting a profound self-actualisation experience and Breathwork training in a high energy landscape? 

Have you been looking for a place to fully recharge your body mind and soul?

Find respite for your soul and come away with renewed health and well being.  


With this Breath Journey, your untapped energy will be cultivated and the following benefits are yours to keep for life.

  • effortlessly inviting more SENSUALITY into your life;

  • easily move into EXPANDED states of consciousness more often;

  • being more ATTUNED your true needs in life;

  • completing a whole module of a Breath Journey training. 

If you have been running on empty for too long and need to answer that inner calling to claim your reason for being alive, then take this opportunity to dive deeply with this Breath Journey.  

You have the opportunity right now to be part of a group who will journey with you and lifelong friendships can me made.  

Meals made with love

You will be nurtured with wholesome vegetarian meals prepared by our caterer, using organic produce sourced locally.

Can’t eat this or that? Vegan, gluten or dairy free? No issues – we’re happy to accommodate any of your food preferences.


The Bonuses

  • A Personal Focus Call – 40 minutes of 1:1 time with Phil so he can get to know you personally and best support you on your Breath journey.

  • Access to a Private Retreat Facebook Group – so you can be in the loop pre-trip (you can ask questions and receive update-to-date trip info) and then we’ll stay connected post-trip.

  • Pre-Training Group Zoom Call – you’ll have the chance to meet everyone in the group, share your intent and learn how to best prepare yourself!

  • Post-Training Group Call – we’ll gather to help integrate your teachings once back at home!


What's Included

  • Ten days of transformational teachings, 

  • Learning how to sit and be present for people going through non-ordinary states.

  • Seven personal Breath Journey sessions (value $1760),

  • Cutting edge deepening processes using John David audio technology. 

  • A guided meditative walk up Gulaga mountain as part of the Breath Journey training.

  • A oceanic Breath Journey experience on a secret rarely used beach.

  • High standard of comfortable accommodation at Honeywood very close to Gulaga National Park.

  • Completion of module one of the Breath Journey training.

  • Fully catered with lovingly prepared vegetarian meals (and organic where possible).


What's Not Included

  • Your round-trip transport costs from home.

  • Any car hire, taxi or transfers to the venue.


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Philip Morey
Breath Journey Teacher

Philip Morey has led over 100 group Breath Journeys over a decade, co-facilitated Breath retreats for over five years and is always deeply humbled by the sudden transformations that occur during The Breath Journey.

His spiritual path began after being beset by panic attacks and anxiety when he was in his early 20’s. First attempts were made to control these using mindfulness meditation. He found it was a fair technique for reducing his levels of anxiety and nervous energy but he came to realise that mindfulness cannot really dig down far enough to deep underlying patterns which are beyond your life story.  Some of these roots of disturbance go right down to before birth, into ancestral and past life material.

After studying extensively with Deva Daricha at the Centre For Human Transformation in Melbourne , Australia for a decade, he came to a much more solid and grounded place in himself. (And a lot less like some detached, above it all, sensitive new age guy!)  His teaching came from a teacher who was fully conversant in philosophy, comparative religion, scientific research and Australian indigenous spiritual traditions.

Phil now has a thriving retreat business in Australia in both Breathwork and Shadow Tantra retreats.

Suzanne has endured her own challenges and life passages that have contributed to her evolution and formation as a woman, mother and practitioner. Initiations into Native American spirituality, Tantra and Shamanism have continued to shape her experience of  the many dimensions of healing.

Now, a wise woman, Suzanne offers medicine in the form of presence, sensitive informed touch and the facilitation of movement of breath and life energy in the body. A safe place is provided for healing of body, mind and spirit.

Phil and Suzanne have collaborated in retreat and professional conference events for 12 years.

Suzanne Zankin
Assistant Teacher

So...are you answering the call to come to Gulaga?

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